Your original photos are kept safe, carefully labeled with your contact information.  We work from very, very high quality scans leaving the physical originals untouched 95% of the time.  Generally, you deliver them and pick them up.  If we mail them to you, we use postal shipping confirmation so they can be tracked and we pack them properly.

Once your pictures are restored, the electronic files remain in our computer and on back-up disks.  This means extra safety for your pictures, and means you can order reprints any time in the future.


Eric Hatch has been restoring photos for 7 years.  He is also a fine-art photographer in his own right.  This means he has both the art training and technical skill to make your photos look really good.

Personal Service

We are not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all service.  When you come in, we work with you to find out what you want from the restoration.  We show you exactly what’s going on with your pictures, and what we need to do to fix it.  We show you options for size and paper stock.  We set goals for the job and set the pricing together.


We offer exceptional value. You get the best job possible at the fairest possible price. We live by our estimates.  You get what you pay for  (and more) because we are dedicated to making your old photo look as good as it possibly can.   If we have to take extra steps and extra time to produce the quality you ordered, we do it and we don’t charge you for it.

We take the time and trouble to print your restored pictures on paper similar to the original in weight, finish, and texture.  You pictures look better and feel better that way.  Finally, we prefer to do our own scanning.  That way we know we are going to have plenty of information to work with.  Amateur scans are almost never high enough quality to give you a great restoration.


We take extra steps to assure you get the right level of quality.  First, we prefer to meet with you in person, so we can learn what matters to YOU.  Second, we set goals with you for the job.  Third, we identify the particular problems in the picture, so you know what we’re going to work on.  Fourth, we quote you a price that we both can live with.


Our minimum is $85.00 and our average job runs around $150.00.  We give you a project price based on the difficulty of the job, the size of your original and the size of the prints you want (enlarging old photos ALWAYS means extra work because the flaws enlarge right along with the photo and become more obvious).


We want you to be happy. We do what it takes to meet your expectations. Period. No fine print.