Hatch Photo Fix Providing Photo and Picture Restoration services to Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and all of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Your Old Photos

How Important Are Your Old Photos?

Your photos are your memories and your key to your family’s past. Preserving those... 

What’s Wrong With Them?

Your old photos are dying.  They’ve faded or discolored because the chemicals... 

Why Fix Them Now?

Your photos are on a one-way trip.  They will continue to deteriorate.  It’s... 

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Why Choose Eric Hatch to fix your photos?


Your original photos are kept safe, carefully labeled with your contact information. ... 


Eric Hatch has been restoring photos for 7 years.  He is also a fine-art photographer... 

Personal Service

We are not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all service.  When you come in, we work... 

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Restoration FAQs

Restoration FAQs

I’ve got this old picture of my mom, and it’s the only one I’ve got of her, but it’s all faded and looks crummy. What can you do for me? A lot. Faded, dull, photos can look new or better than new. Cracks, fading, and dust spots can all be repaired. Color can be restored, but how well depends on how far gone the original is, and on what looks good to you. We can also re-crop the original to improve it, and enlarge it to some extent. We can even remove imperfections that were in the original... [Read more FAQs]

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